Hello, All. My name is Kimberly Wiessner (Weez-ner). I’m the artist, designer, maker, head of operations, accountant, shipper and inventory tracker behind Kim Wiessner Makes Art. My artwork is vibrant and celebrates color. It is positively charged, humble, hard-working and it comes from a place of patience and calm. The creative process of art making represents the joy in my life (my family, friends and rescued dog, Lola). I am a lover of animals, outdoor adventures, mid-century style, early morning runs, black coffee, live music and travel.

Kim Wiessner at home in her Art Studio


Kim Wiessner Makes Art is a vibrant collection of handcrafted original art and printed products. Every item I sell is designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and lasting materials from companies I deeply respect. We leverage recycled and earth sustainable shipping products (from eco enclose) with a goal of leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Kim Wiessner Makes Art is driven by a vision of healing our planet through the support of Animal Conservation groups. Restoring balance on our planet and protecting endangered species is my passion and 15% of proceeds go to carefully chosen organizations to help support this effort. Read more about these organizations below:


I’m a mother of two small kids, a wife and a perpetual rescue dog owner. In 2014, I left my career as a global creative director to stay home with my kids and begin the journey of chasing a small dream that I held deep in my heart for many, many years. It is the dream that my immigrant grandparents chased in their generation. The dream I watched my father work so hard to envisage for himself and for us; the dream of owning a humble and hardworking small business. Kim Wiessner Makes Art is my dream.

I am passionate, hardworking and thankful for the opportunity to give this dream a go. It is crucial to acknowledge that without the support of my family, friends and YOU; I could not do this. Your purchase is the fuel that supports my journey and growth.

Every purchase at Kim Wiessner Makes Art improves the planet. Your support of my work makes a direct and positive impact on the conservation of animal populations on this planet. It also inspires me to make more, work harder and give back to this planet in bigger and better ways. High five to you and here’s to making the planet a better place for future generations.

Kim Wiessner Makes Art is based in Washington State, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our website is newly updated and your information is secure by the Shopify platform. If you have any difficulty ordering art or want to talk about a custom commission piece, please give a shout.